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BELFOR: The world’s No. 1 maritime & offshore restoration partner

The maritime & offshore industry is built on specialist knowledge, skills and expertise. When disaster strikes, the same know-how is even more critical to ensuring a successful and effective recovery.

“Our ultimate goal is to minimise loss of hire and equipment” – Egbert Pronk, Director Maritime & Offshore at BELFOR.

As repairing fire, water and other forms of damage is a complex business, specialists from a wide range of disciplines must coordinate their efforts to save time and money. That’s why choosing the right restoration partner is essential.

Plain sailing even when disaster strikes

From ship owners and insurers through surveyors, salvage companies and shipyards to manufacturers and suppliers, our clients put their trust in BELFOR as a reliable and expert restoration partner who works to the highest quality standards.

Take the fast track back to business as usual with our inspection report and refurbishment concept

Your BELFOR project manager will already start putting together an inspection report while initial measures to contain the damage and stabilise the surrounding conditions are still under way. This report documents not only the damage analysis results but also initial action taken and recommendations for further measures.

The restoration and costs plan lists all aspects of the remediation process following an incident.

These include arranging everything from decontaminating electronics, machinery, equipment and the hull to subsequently correcting excessively low pH values after a fire and cleaning the generator, if required. Whenever necessary, we cooperate with mechanical engineers.

In close consultation with all stakeholders, we decide whether the restoration can take place on board during the voyage.

Whatever the future brings, you can rest assured that we are there for you wherever, whenever 24 hours a day – and there’s no need to drop anchor for us to work.

Experience you can count on

For nearly 70 years, BELFOR has managed all types of losses in the maritime industry on- and offshore. Our team of industry experts and specialists have earned their stripes providing not only recovery services after maritime flooding and fire but also salvage, preservation, technical reconditioning and condition-based maintenance.

Thanks to a corporate culture dedicated to superior technology and internal training, we continually enhance our organisation’s intellectual assets and experience levels.

We go where you do

As a globally active company, BELFOR is always on call. Wherever your vessels are in the world, our 12,500 highly qualified specialists are ready to use their professional expertise and the latest technology to meet even the greatest challenges.

Our Maritime division, which has a presence on almost every continent, has accumulated years of experience working on all kinds of ships and offshore platforms. Whichever ocean your ship is crossing, we quickly get to where you need us.

Ship types

  • Freight ships: container ships, tankers, coasters
  • Passenger ships: ferries, cruise ships
  • Special shipping: trawlers, buoy tenders, rigs and FPSOs
  • Navy vessels
  • Yachts
  • Offshore: supply vessels and work platforms, jack-up rigs
  • Dredging vessels

360-degree services for your ship

From smouldering fires on a new cruise ship under construction in a shipyard, through a tropical fruit freighter that collided in a storm, to flooded engine rooms and burst pipes on an offshore wind farm’s supply platform, we’ve restored almost every imaginable form of damage. And we do it quickly, reliably and expertly.

In fact, we are your dedicated partner throughout a ship’s life cycle – starting with its construction, when there is a risk of fire and assembly errors in the water-bearing pipe network. To ensure smooth operation at sea, our technical services also include electronics and control cabinet analyses needed for ship approval as well as condition-based maintenance in these areas. When the ship comes to the end of its life cycle, we step in before disassembly to generate an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) so that it can be safely broken up.

To review all of our services at a glance and obtain clear guidance on preventing or at the very least minimising operational interruptions, consult our Maritime Service Compass.